My Bohemian Eclectic Bedroom

My Bohemian Eclectic Bedroom

Helllooo everyone I hope you're having a great day! Today on the blog I am showing you my bedroom in my new apartment! For room size and reference, I live in U Pointe Kennesaw and my room is Bed space C! I tried to incorporate a lot of earth tones, as well as muted and jewel colors. I like to describe my room as Bohemian Eclectic, so basically " an eclectic mix of the hippie, nomad lifestyle with an artistic flair deriving from many different sources". I kinda made this definition up so I hope that makes sense. Hopefully, it will when you see the pictures haha. I'm so happy with how my room turned out because I feel like it's a true reflection of my personality and aesthetic. I will try to link where most pieces are from, but if I leave something out or if you have any questions please leave a comment below!


So this is where the magic happens, and by magic, I mean sleeping, reading, writing, and studying. My Bed is kind of my safe haven. Starting on the left I have my windowsill. On my windowsill, I keep an array of candles, a few books, as well as journals that I primarily use at nighttime, so the windowsill really doubles as a bedside table for me. My candles are from Target, Anthropologie, and Bath and Body Works.


Next, we have my bedspread and pillows. My bedding is from Anthropologie. My pillows are each from different places. The yellow pillow is from Target, the salmon embroidered pillow is from Home Goods, and the blue pillow is from Ross! Then I have my succulent and constellation posters which are both from Paper Source!


Lastly, we have my nightstand. On my night stand, I have a candle from Bath and Body Works, a lamp from Target, a jar with flowers that's just from Kroger lol,  a tiny ceramic vase that Ryder made me, as well as a Polaroid of Ryder in a frame that is from Urban Outfitters. 


I'm panning around my room from left to right so this is my dresser and it is parallel to my bed! On my dresser, I have a burlap table runner that I think was from JoAnn's, a jewelry box that I got forever ago from Pottery Barn, a vase from Mackenzie Child's, my sorority composite that is in a frame from Micheal's, a mason jar that holds all my leather bracelets, an antique alarm clock from a thrift store, and another jewelry box that is from Urban Outfitters. 


Above my dresser, I have this amazing shelving unit from Amazon. Pretty much everything on the shelf is from Home Goods or thrift stores. All of my books are from a second-hand thrift store or Barnes and Nobel. The two things I can link to where they're from are the Be You Jar and the Large flower pot on the top shelf that is from Anthropologie. 


To the right of my dresser, we have my bathroom! 


My towels, makeup organizer, and mirror are all from Target. Then I have a mason jar holding my toothbrush and another jar holding my hair ties. Then I have a soap and lotion set from Anthropologie. 


To the right of my sink, I have this bulletin board and tacks that are from Marshalls, and I use this to store my dainty necklaces. 


More to the right we have my closet. My hangers and full-length mirror are from Target!


This is the view of in front of my closet. This is such a weird thing, but I am in love with my bath mats. They are from Ross and were ten dollars for two! I wish I could link them, but since Ross is a overstock store, they don't keep specific products on their website. Never overlook Marshalls, TJ Max, or Ross I swear they have amazing stuff for great prices!


To finish off my bathroom I have this much-needed storage unit from Ross. It holds all of my skin and haircare products. 


To the right of my bathroom is my desk area. I have two hooks on my wall that were from Anthropologie, that hold my tote bags and purses that are all from Free People. 


Toward the middle of my desk, I have a set of stationery from Target, office supplies, a desk organizer from Target, and then my computer. 


On the right side of my desk, I have my planners, a basket with dried flowers, a wooden letter "A" from Urban Outfitters.


Finally, to end off this little room tour I have my necklace display. This birdcage decor piece is from Bed Bath and Beyond and it hangs above my desk. It is one of my favorite pieces in my room because it's functional and decorative. My necklaces are from a variety of stores like American Eagle, Lucky Brand, and Free People, but the majority are from Details Boutique in Roswell Georgia!

So that's it! Overall if I were to give anyone advice on interior decorating I would say to really look for pieces that make you happy to look at. I know that sounds weird, but truly everyone has such different styles, just stick to what you like and want to be surrounded by on a daily basis. It really can be that simple! I really hope y'all enjoyed this post, because I really enjoyed creating it!