Two Thousand and Eighteen

Two Thousand and Eighteen

Two Thousand and Eighteen

It is December 31st at 6:22pm and I am sitting in a comfy bed in Manhattan New York trying to put my year in to words. What have I learned? What has changed? What have I accomplished?

This year began with pushing me out of my comfort zone. I changed my major to a field I am passionate about and completed my third year of college at Kennesaw State. I also had the privilege of leading an organization 132 amazing and impactful women. I traveled to Florida, Maryland, and road tripped through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, and Colorado, and am finishing out the year in New York City. I’ve met so many new people and have made so many new friendships. Each place, person, and experience I’ve encountered this year has taught me something, broadened my perspective, and pushed me toward a goal, even if the goal was unexpected.

I could not be more thankful for the growth, individualism, and pure bliss I’ve experienced this year. I also could not be more thankful for the downfalls, heartbreak, and challenges I was faced with throughout two thousand and eighteen. Ultimately every good and bad experience became my teacher and has built me in to the person I am today.

The biggest thing I have learned and accomplished this year is how to find peace within myself. I’ve found peace from where I’ve come from, what I’ve been through, and where I am going, and that is something I can only wish for everyone to find within themselves.

As we all start this new chapter in our lives, may we know our worth, the light and love we possess, and the eagerness to encounter the unknown, because the truth is no one knows what this next year will hold, hell we don’t even know what could happen tomorrow! Live in this moment and whole heartedly welcome the good, the bad and all possibilities. Every day, every week, every month, and every year is precious, and must be spent so wisely and with joy. So live it up, let your voice be heard, and fill yourself with love. Life is short after all.

I’m wishing you a new year filled with peace, love, and new opportunities!